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VersaPod Bipods

Quality Starts With The Materials

Here at KFS Industries, we believe our products can only be as good as the materials used in the build. Solid materials equal superior products and that is a fact. While it may cost more to use better materials, the end result is a solid product built to pass down for generations to come.

Most other bipod companies use a fabricated sheet metal construction. While this is a less time consuming process and a cheaper option for the manufacture and end user, the quality is just not there. Sheet metal construction will allow the bipod to flex, and possibly bend with your heavier recoiling weapons. This produces unwanted results in your accuracy at longer ranges. Solid milled materials eliminate this flex, allowing for more consistent precision, and a more stable platform to shoot from. We use these same materials and maufacturing techniques in all of our products, and our clients OEM manufacturing projects.

We don’t simply make idle claims about our bipod durability – we give you proof.

– KFS Industries inc.

Stainless Head Detail
Solid 304 stainless castings are used at critical stress points like the knuckle joint. Our competitors use fabricated sheetmetal construction.
Latches Detail
The locking latches are wire-EDM cut from solid blocks of 4140 chromemoly steel. Our latches are unmatched for strength and precision.
Casting Detail
Aluminum alloy parts are die-cast of AL14130 using pressures upwards of 30,000 PSI. This ensures parts that are essentially porosity-free yet lightweight.

The Assembly

Using the best materials is not the only key to a great product. The overall assembly technique is just as important. Our Versa-Pods are assembled using TIG type welds to ensure the welds will not break under pressure. Each Versa-Pod bipod has a total of eighteen TIG type welds.

TIG vs MIG Welding

Though similar in the name, TIG and MIG welding have quite a few differences. TIG Welding is a more costly, but a cleaner type of welding. TIG is essentially melting the two metals together, combining them, and making the joint one solid piece. MIG is preformed using a melted filler metal as a type of “glue” to combine the joint. If you would like to know more about the two types of weld, see our TIG vs MIG page.Click Here

Top Leg Detail
Each leg section is press-fit into the upper leg housing and then permanently secured by 4 TIG welds.
Leg Notch Detail
Legs are machined from solid metal aluminum or steel. You won’t get that “springy” feel when you take your shot.
Bottom Of Legs Detail
There are 5 welds on each lower leg
band, ensuring it will never separate
from the bipod leg.

Solid Notched Positive Locking Legs

There are a few different design approaches you can take on the construction of the bipod legs. Some well known manufactures choose to use hollow bent sheet metal legs with a friction type locking mechanism. This type construction causes a “springy” feel when you take your shot, and we all know the friction type control leaves more to be desired. The load that the Versa-Pod leg is able to sustain is 15 times greater than that of designs which include the friction type locking mechanism.

Versa-Pod bipod legs are machined from solid billets (aluminum or steel depending on model) and include positive locking notches eliminating any movement when the weapon recoils. There are other manufactures that have taken this approach as well. However, the legs have radial grooves which are lathe turned -simple and cheap. The groove all the way around weakens the entire leg.

Our locking notches are individually machined ONLY where the latch locks the leg – more expensive, but much stronger. All our designs also feature solid steel latches that are wire-EDM cut from solid blocks of 4140 steel. Our latches are unmatched for strength and precision.