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The S7™ is the most up-to-date, fully featured, and reliable small arms bipod on the market. Designed in conjunction with top-level competitive shooters, the S7 has revolutionary patent-pending features not found on any competing bipod. It gives the shooter the control and stability needed to make the perfect shot, even under the most difficult circumstances. The S7 was specifically designed with the long-range competition shooter in mind.

The S7™ will enhance all precision for shoulder-fired weapons systems of calibers up to, and including the .50 cal BMG. Easy to install and use, the S7 quickly installs on any standard mil-spec “Picatinny” rail. Expertly designed and manufactured, it is the only bipod that offers perfectly smooth tracking and canting features, allowing the shooter to engage moving targets and transition from target to target without any vibration or variation in accuracy. The S7 features positive bipod leg lock-up at 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, and 180° degrees. Available in 7”-9” and 9”-12” versions with either Rubber or Raptor Claw feet. 100% Made in the USA at the KFS Industries manufacturing facility based in Atlanta, Georgia. The S7 has a clear advantage in the long-range, precision shooting category. Full control and F-Class stability, in a lightweight compact package.

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USAMU Wins the International Sniper Competition several years in a row with the S7 Bipod.

USAMU Wins the International Sniper Competition several years in a row with the S7 Bipod.

The S7 Bipod is 100% made out of American metals, on American soil, and assembled, right here in the USA! S7 bipods are a division of KFS Industries Inc. (formerly Keng’s Firearm Specialty) based in Atlanta, Georgia. If you need more specifications, or further information regarding the S7 please call us at (404) 382-5929 or Contact Us