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Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality is much more than a word or department, it is the way we do business! It is an attitude and a mindset company wide. As a leading manufacturer of military, law enforcement and special projects equipment, KFS takes quality and reliability very seriously. The KFS Production and Quality Control team are absolutely committed to excellence while crafting the very best products for you. Throughout our manufacturing process strict guidelines are followed to maintain optimum quality on the products we manufacture.

Our quality control department maintains measuring instruments that are regularly calibrated and double checked for accuracy. Each and every product is visually inspected to match strict specifications prior to delivery. Production information is archived to maintain total documentation throughout the complete manufacturing process. This ensures reliable follow-up with regard to any possible discrepancy, and ensures regular reliable outcomes.

Quality is exactly what is built in to every product or service you acquire from KFS. This allows us to stand behind every item we produce and ensures you will be satisfied with every product that leaves our docks. We Guarantee It! The “Quality System” is used at all levels of our daily operations. Our Inspectors are highly competent Quality professionals and are dedicated to excellence.


The Policy

The customers who use the products of KFS Industries, Inc. expect that the products and services will fulfill their intended functions, and will perform consistently for an extended period of time. How well our products and services satisfy the customers determine our quality reputation, which in turn directly affects our success in the marketplace and the company’s competitive position as well. Therefore, it is our company policy and goal “to provide products and services of a quality that meets or exceeds the initial expectations of our customers.” This is how KFS Industries inc. has become recognized as a leader in Quality of the General Metal Machining industry.

Fulfillment of the above objectives and this policy require that KFS Industries, Inc. carefully examine its roles in product and service quality, and defines the necessary activities in Quality Assurance Plans, and Procedures. These will begin by completely understanding customer requirements, as well as the products to be provided, and will end only when the customer remains satisfied with the product or service he has received.

Our goal to provide products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.

– KFS Industries, Inc.

KFS Quality Control Manager

The Quality Control Manager of KFS Industries, Inc. has been given the responsibility of drawing together the definitions of the quality-related activities and the functions of the plant. These activities are defined and designed to implement in our Quality Control practices which in turn, helps KFS meet or exceed our customer and regulatory agency requirements.

To place in effect this quality system, development of quality assurance plans and detailed implementation procedures are the basic responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager. The Plant Manager is responsible for continually evaluating the effectiveness of the documented procedures relative to his function and to make improvements. In doing this, we will assure our leadership in product and service quality. This also helps KFS Industries Inc. guarantee accuracy and repeatability in every part we produce. Quality inspections take place at each phase throughout the production process. This is how we stay on top of our game, and why most of our customers are highly impressed with the superior quiality of all the products we produce.

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