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Manufacturing Overview

At KFS Industries Inc., we offer complete manufacturing so that the product you receive will be complete, correct, and ready for your application or the market. KFS uses SolidWorks CAD and Mastercam software for engineering and product development. With SolidWorks and simulation packages, we can set up virtual real-world environments so we can test your product designs before we physically manufacture a prototype or product. These essential tools allow us to lower product development cost, and shorten the overall design cycle.

  1. Engineering:

    Our engineering staff are professional Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Quality Engineers with extensive experience in the machining and manufacturing processes. Every job that is performed at KFS begins with our skilled Engineers.

  2. Effective planning:

    All of our work is thoroughly and carefully planned, with processes and procedures developed prior to release for production. All out-sourcing such as plating, heat-treatment, etc is also carefully coordinated with only the best sources available at the customer request. 

  3. Machining:

    Precision machining is the core of what we do at KFS Industries Inc. We perform CNC, production, and manual machining, as well as assembly and testing. We also have extensive roll marking capabilities, and can roll mark anything from serial numbers to custom company Logos.

  4. Experience:

    All of our setup people are fully experienced machining professionals, that work closely with Engineering and design at all stages of the manufacturing process. 

  5. Fully Trained:

    All Machine Operators are fully trained in the Machining Fundamentals, and all complex procedures involved with the current running job. 

  6. Pride:

    KFS Machine Operators take great pride in the work they do. The end product is always true evidence of this pride. With backgrounds in the Military fields, and a passion for firearms, we know what it takes to machine superior parts and accessories.

  7. Assembly:

    Many of our clients have benefited from using KFS Industries Inc. as a turn-key source. We have capabilities to manufacture critical and complex assemblies from components fabricated right here in our facility. What this means to you, is that your product is assembled on site with the same commitment to high quality that you would expect from the individual components that we make.

  8. Quality:

    Quality is much more than a word or department, it is the way we do business! It is an attitude and a mindset company wide. And Quality is exactly what is built in to every product you buy from KFS. The “Quality System” is used at all levels here at KFS Indusries Inc. Our Inspectors are highly competent Quality professionals and are dedicated to excellence.

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    KFS Indusries inc. is always looking for quality minded professionals with the ability to work with other team members to ensure only the highest quality products reach our clients.

    If you are technically proficient, teachable and a team player we want to hear from you! Take a look at our Employment Opportunitiespage for more details.

    We are currently looking for Machine Operators in the Atlanta, area.

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