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SolidWorks and CAD Systems

If you have an interest in visualizing your ideas, in a 3 dimensional world our SolidWorks and CAD software are tools that can help bring your vision to life. CAD is just one example of high-tech application software KFS utilizes to lower product development cost, and shorten the overall design cycle. Mechanical CAD drafting services can convert 2D to 3D with CAD software. This means to take a set of 2D blueprints, and transform them into 3D models with the CAD drafting allowing an actual working prototype or product drawing to be viewed from all angles.

Research and Development

The R&D Team is responsible for high performance design, simulation, and testing. To enhance the final product our R&D department starts by utilizing concepts and designs that are user driven and based on “in the field” or “in-theater” input combined with our clients requirements. Using modern CAD/CAM machining techniques, and precision CNC machinery, this helps to quickly and accurately produce virtually tested prototypes and physical working models.


Precision machining is the core of what we do at KFS Industries Inc. We perform CNC, production, and manual machining, as well as some assembly and testing. We also have extensive roll marking capabilities, and can roll mark anything from serial numbers to custom company Logos. We have many high-tech machining centers, as well as the traditional turning and milling machines. We continue to add new machining stations to expand our machining capabilities, and offer our 100% US Made product lines.

Quality Control

Quality is much more than a word or department, it is the way we do business! It is an attitude and a mindset company wide. As a leading manufacturer of military, law enforcement and special projects equipment, KFS takes quality and reliability very seriously. The KFS Production and Quality Control team are absolutely committed to excellence while crafting the very best products for you. Throughout our manufacturing process strict guidelines are followed to maintain optimum quality on the products we manufacture.

Manufacturing Overview

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    KFS Indusries inc. is always looking for quality minded professionals with the ability to work with other team members to ensure only the highest quality products reach our clients.

    If you are technically proficient, teachable and a team player we want to hear from you! Take a look at our Employment Opportunitiespage for more details.

    We are currently looking for Machine Operators in the Atlanta, area.

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