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Here at KFS Industries Inc. our primary focus is high-end firearm parts and accessories manufacturing. We have an extensive background in the firearm industry, and a passion for precision. Our primary objective is to build parts and accessories that perform as intended, under the harshest conditions the operator can subject them too. We not only manufacture firearm accessories, our sophisticated machines can be programmed to churn out any type of product or part you have in mind.

In our experiences, we have found that the firearm industry is saturated with cheap, inferior, and second-rate parts and accessories. While these may be appealing to the “TactiCool” or “Airsoft crowd” they are just not up to the task, in a real life combat situation. Constructed from stamped sheet metals, or inexpensive pot metals, and simple low-grade plastics, you can feel it is going to break as soon as you mount it on your weapon.

We believe that a firearm is not a toy, gadget, or novelty item. It is an object of intrinsic value, which is meant to be used, and passed down for other generations to come. We are against the “throwaway culture” that promotes quick product turnover, plans obsolescence, and current manufactures cheap temporary products.

Built To Last

We know there is a need for parts and accessories that are built to last for decades. We choose to design and manufacture all of our products using an innovative mindset, up to date well-kept machines, and the best materials available. We have a team of engineers, industry consultants, army and policing veterans, and respected inventors to help us stay at the top of our game. We constantly push ourselves to make improvements on our efficiency, manufacturing techniques, and design to bring you the best products and services money can buy.

KFS Industries Inc. would like the opportunity to help you with your next manufacturing project. Our team of highly-skilled technicians and engineers can deliver your product on time and within budget. We guarantee your parts will be manufactured to the tightest tolerances, and with top-notch materials. Fill out our simple inquiry form for a quote and see what KFS can do for you and your business.

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