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Kensight Night Sight

Whatever Your calling – Anytime, Any Situation – Be Prepared.

Carefully manufactured with the same streamlined process as our standard sights, our night sight line is sure to meet your shooting requirements. Kensight® engineers were highly motivated to produce a superior night sight to fit the popular 1911 firearm. This required us to throw away the rules, and incorporate innovative ideas from experience and the finest shooting communities in the country. Our focused attention generated an elite sighting system that advanced quickly to the front. Due to the success and demand of our 1911 sights we have machined night sights for all types of weapon, and task configurations.

Solid and Dependable

Kensight® products involve only choice materials to make certain your weapon will perform in any situation, day or night. Our commitment to quality starts with a carefully selected solid bar of 4140 chrome-molybdenum steel. WEDM machined and heat treated to hardness of HRc 38-40 then tempered to HRc 28-32. This produces a rugged and dependable sight platform, designed to withstand the brutal conditions required by todays law enforcement and military.

Genuine Trijicon Lamps

All Kensight ® tritium night sights include genuine Trijicon lamps. What is Trijicon? Trijicon is a premier manufacturer of tritium based weapon sight inserts and has a worldwide reputation for being the best in the business. The tritium used by Trijicon is of the highest quality and glow longer and brighter. For this reason, Trijicon based sights are a superior solution for law enforcement and military uses.

Custom 1911 Solid and Dependable

According to government statistics, three out of four times a firearm is used to defend a life, it happens at night. That means that three out of four times staying alive could depend on being able to quickly find your sights and shoot accurately, in a low-light or no-light environment. Night time and low light shooting tests prove sights equipped with tritium lamps make targets easier to engage than your standard black sights. Kensight ® night sights will help you attain a new level, and fine tune your low-light shooting skills.

What makes the night sights glow?

Tritium is what makes the gun sight glow. Tritium gas is an isotope of hydrogen which reacts with oxygen in the glass cylinder to give off a bright green glow. The source of the light comes from a tritium filled cylindrical lens that is mounted in the sight housing and has a half-life of 12 years. What that essentially means is that in 12 years, your night sights will be half as bright as when they were new and without the need for batteries. The Trijicon lamps are also encased in silicone-sealed, metal cylinders to give maximum protection from breakage or leakage. This protection is also made to withstand the heavier recoiling weapons. Polished sapphire crystal windows are installed to distribute the light evenly and give a bright, crisp aiming dot while providing extra protection from harsh cleaning solvents or puncture. The brightness obtained from the tritium content is focused through the sapphire lens to give the maximum possible illumination.

Durability and Dependability are insured by a patented Trijicon process and backed by a twelve-year warranty against lamp failure. Some Kensight ® versions also include an inlaid white ring around each sapphire window which makes the sights appear as standard white dots in daylight. Tritium night sights are proven to give shooters unimaginable night fire accuracy – with the same speed as instinctive shooting. See for yourself. When it comes to an enhanced night sight for your firearm, Kensight ® hits the bulls-eye.

Kensight Sight Features

Kensight Sights is a division of KFS Industries Inc. (formerly Keng’s Firearm Specialty) based in Atlanta, Georgia. If you need more specifications, or further information regarding our Kensight product line, please call us at (404) 382-5929 or Contact Us using the website contact form.