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Kensight Gun Sights

Kensight Mfg. is a division of KFS Industries. Founded in 1997, Kensight manufactures high-end target and precision night sights for the most demanding shooters. Our engineers began the design of our gun sights with a clean sheet of paper and an unlimited budget. This fresh start allowed Kensight to incorporate in our gun sights the most desirable features and improvements dictated by many years of shooting experience. Throughout our development program, Kensight engineers have taken full advantage of today’s advanced technology and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. The combined use of precision computer controlled machine tools operated by a carefully trained work force, has allowed Kensight to produce an ideal gun sight for several firearm applications. Our sights are in service with top competitors, several Law enforcement agencies, military units, and the common sportsman worldwide. Our design principles are based on a commitment to simplicity and correct engineering that is clearly demonstrated in all our products.

Les Baer With Defensive Kensight Sight Set

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Kensight Sights is a division of KFS Industries Inc. (formerly Keng’s Firearm Specialty) based in Atlanta, Georgia. If you need more specifications, or further information regarding our Kensight product line, please call us at (404) 382-5929 or Contact Us using the website contact form.