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A Strong Background

David Keng graduated from the Republic of China (ROC, Taiwan) Naval Academy in 1957. He served as a Naval Commander inthe ROC Navy, and was in the ROC Special Forces from 1963 to1969. He retired in 1972 and immigrated to the United States to join his brother in Atlanta, Georgia. His wife Amy and two sons Da and Shane arrived six months later.

David’s father was a two star general in the Kuomintang (KMT) army. For his 12th birthday, David received ten guns, a mix of rifles and pistols. Since then, David has developed knowledge of guns and shooting techniques. He was on the KMT Navy shooting team three times, and also trained other officers during his time in the Navy. David loved the freedom he found after immigrating to America. Not only could he buy as many guns as he wanted, but there were many others who shared his passion for shooting! He started to compete in shooting matches throughout Georgia, and won five Georgia State Championships in target shooting.

David’s eldest son Da also shared his father’s love for guns. When his uncle gave him his first revolver at age thirteen, Da spent many evenings practicing his shooting. In 1977, he attended his first shooting competition, where he won first place against veteran shooters, including his dad and uncle.

A Family Business

In 1985, David Keng founded Keng’s Firearms Specialty, Inc. (KFS, Inc.) He began the retail business from his garage in Southwest Atlanta, and traveled countrywide to different gun shows. Amy, Da and Shane also drove to many gun shows on the weekends, taking time off from work and school. Da became Vice President after graduating from Georgia Tech in 1986.

From 1985 to 1994, KFS was the exclusive importer for Polytech AK-47s. Due to the large amount of inventory and high demand, David Keng moved the business to a large 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Southside Atlanta. In 1988, David handed KFS over to his son Da and took up a position as Consultant.

Changing Directions

During the 1980s and 1990s, KFS focused on sales of semiautomatic assault rifles. However, after the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban Da Keng decided to diversify the product line. Instead of selling firearms, Da began to design shooting and hunting accessories, drawing from his extensive knowledge of guns.

In 1995, KFS came out with the first Versa-Pod Bipod, a rugged multi-function bipod that made improvements on the old Parker-Hale models. In 1997, KFS introduced a line of specialty high-end gun sights, now marketed under the brand name Kensight. Da Keng now has over a dozen patents to his name, both for his bipod and gun sight designs.

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