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KFS Now Offering Manufacturing Services

Over the last few years, KFS Industries has added several new machines and manufacturing capabilities to our facility based in Atlanta, GA. This ensures we have complete control over the quality of our products, and gives us the edge in new innovations. Although we already have top-quality products, we constantly push ourselves to make improvements. Our designs are consumer-driven, adeptly responding to the needs of those who use our products.

With the addition of the new machines, we are also offering our manufacturing, and machining capabilities, to others in need of our services. If you are in need of a product manufactured or machined, you have come to the right place. Our quality-controlled machining facilities ensure the highest quality results accompanied by excellent customer service. We have a solid knowledge of what it takes to manufacture superior parts for the least amount of money. At KFS, we are very adaptable to either small or large quantity orders. Combine your design and idea, with our expertise and experience and see your concept come to life.

Our Brands
VersaPod Bipods

Versa-Pod is a division of KFS Industries, Inc. Founded in 1994, Versa-Pod improved on the original Parker-Hale bipod design to create the ultimate lightweight, multi-function bipod. With many ...

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Kensight Night Sights

Kensight Mfg. is a division of KFS Industries. Founded in 1997, Kensight manufactures high-end target and precision night sights for the most demanding shooters. For ...

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US Tactical Systems

US Tactical Systems is a division of KFS Industries Inc. USTS caters to the Military and Law Enforcement fields, and focuses on long range scope mounts, AR15 gear, and rail systems. Our scope rings ...

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Poly Technologies

Poly Technologies, Inc. is also division of KFS Industries, Inc. KFS was the original and exclusive importer and distributor of Polytech AKs in the 1980s. Due to the weapons assult ban of 1994 we ...

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S7 Bipods

When personnel are in the field, they need a dependable, easy to carry shooting rest. The S7™ Bipod is the most up-to-date, fully featured, and reliable small arms bipod on the market. Designed in conjunction with top-level shooters ...

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TACMOD Rifle Chassis

TACMOD is a division of KFS Industries, Inc. The TACMOD SCS is a drop in chassis for any Remington 700 action with no gunsmith support. The TACMOD Sniper Chassis System has the advantage of being mission-configurable ...

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MOSM Scope Mount

The MOSM Multiple Optic Scope Mount is a quick release, mission configurable scope mounting solution. The new patent-pending quick mount locking clamp allows quick removal of the scope for transport, or interfacing with different firearms. ...

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